• Building Concept
M Ladprao elegantly raises 44 floors towards the skies of Bangkok, embracing dynamic views of Jatujak Park and its urban surrounds. A dynamic landmark derived from the transformation of cubic interlocking planes. The mixed use development embraces the modernized luxury of living, whilst encapsulating the advanced social and environmental values of the modern Bangkok urbanite.

Dynamic floor plates generate offset cubic elevations which are visually highlighted as geometric forms, day and night, creating a signature landmark which emblematizes the full potential of Juxtaposed Cubic Living.

• Location Concept
Living with all modern trends center which are close together at M Ladprao, located on Phaholyothin Road. Just a few steps from the BTS Ladprao station and MRT. At the center of fashion and shopping areas such as Central Plaza Ladprao, Suzuki Avenue, Major Cineplex Ratchayothin and Tesco Lotus. 
Also surrounded by Jatujak Park, The Wachirabenchatat Park and Queen Sirikit Park.

• Facilities concept
Following the Architect conceptual design, cubism is carried through inner living space. To bring the scale down to human comfort ergonomic, transformation of cubic shape is slightly touched on finishing and furnishing. On top of everything the fashion district surrounding has an affected of chic and sleek in attempted to give interior space a glamorous atmosphere.

• Room Concept
Two alternatives of interior design concept which brought the fashion affect from public space into private living area, Masculine and Modella.
The Masculine style - a confident, sleek and fashionable look. Imply fashion touch on the glossy, reflective mirror and transparent material as glass panel is placed as room partitions, given an extra space in feeling.
The Modella style - a feminine glimpse with more curve and colorful gimmick. The selection of furniture given such a character of stylish living type of person.
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Major Development Public Company Limited
Phaholyothin Road across from Central Ladprao
20 Meters from BTS Ladprao and MRT Phaholyothin
Land Area
1-3-87 Rai
Building Type
1 Building – 44 stories, Total 286 Units
AREA (Sq.m.)
1 Bedroom
30.08 - 39.78
2 Bedroom
56.64 - 74.83
3 Bedroom
95.8 - 155.11
109.66 - 157.83
Floor :
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MLP FP for MDE Web-01.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-02.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-03.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-04.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-05.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-06.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-07.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-08.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-09.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-10.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-11.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-12.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-13.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-14.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-15.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-16.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-17.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-18.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-19.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-20.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-21.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-22.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-23.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-24.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-25.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-26.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-27.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-28.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-25.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-29.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-30.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-31.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-32.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-33.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-34.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-35.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-36.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-37.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-38.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-39.jpg
MLP FP for MDE Web-40.jpg
Unit Type :
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MLP A1.jpg MLP A1-SM.jpg MLP A2.jpg MLP A2-SL.jpg MLP B1.jpg MLP B2.jpg MLP C1.jpg MLP C2.jpg MLP E3.jpg MLP F1.jpg MLP F1-G.jpg MLP F1-SM.jpg MLP F2.jpg MLP D1.jpg MLP D1-G.jpg MLP D1-S.jpg MLP D1-SM.jpg MLP D2.jpg MLP G1.jpg MLP G1-S.jpg MLP G1-SM.jpg MLP H1.jpg MLP i1.jpg MLP i2.jpg MLP N1.jpg MLP J1.jpg MLP J1-S.jpg MLP J1-SL.jpg MLP J2.jpg MLP K1.jpg MLP L1.jpg MLP PH-1.jpg MLP PH-2.jpg MLP PH-3.jpg MLP PH-3Garden.jpg
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Ground Floor
Court yard and Green area
Revival court
Outdoor lobby
Catwalk lobby
Reflective pond
Separate car wash area
7th Floor
Sky Fish Tank Pool
Sky cabana
Spa room
Fitness center
Opened-Air Library
Karaoke room
Laundry room
Sauna room
Steam room
Separate Lady’s and Men’s restroom / shower / changing room
44th Floor
Sky panorama lounge
Sky chillaxation area
Sky deck
Sky yoga
Furniture List
Bedroom Type :
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Furniture Type :
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MLP F-Package Masculine 1BR-01.jpg MLP F-Package Modella 1BR-01.jpg MLP F-Package Masculine 2BR-01.jpg MLP F-Package Masculine 2BR-02.jpg MLP F-Package Modella 2BR-01.jpg MLP F-Package Modella 2BR-02.jpg MLP F-Package Masculine 3BR-01.jpg MLP F-Package Modella 3BR-02.jpg MLP F-Package Modella 3BR-01.jpg MLP F-Package Modella 3BR-02.jpg
- Central Plaza Ladprao
- Jatujak Weekend Market
- Major Cineplex Ratchayothin
- Suzuki Avenue
- Tesco Lotus
- Big C
- Crystal Park
- Crysral Design Center
- Kasetsart University
- Horwang School
- PTT Head Quarter
- Sun Tower
- Thai Airway Headquarter
- SCB Head Quarter
- TMB Head Quarter
- Elephant Building
Sale Office
Phahonyothin Road, Jomphol ,
Chatuchuk, Bangkok 10900

OFFICE HOURS: Daily 9.30 – 18.30 PM.
Tel: 02 116 1111
For more information, please contact us